The Experience

Live Aqua is a unique, innovative concept: a “Be Yourself Hotel” designed for contemporary adults only seeking a place to feel at home; a place that’s relaxed, free and idyllic. Here, guests can relax and indulge in pleasures for all their senses, leisure and fun and cuisine from three renowned chefs. Allow yourself an unlimited stay, with unique, sublime details. The experience begins as soon as you arrive, feel the pleasure of seeing and being seen at Live Aqua.

Get swept away by fun and excitement or take time for relaxation and reflection. It’s in your hands to decide what you want to experience and when. Live Aqua Cancún is an all-inclusive luxury experience, a Be
Yourself Hotel, designed exclusively for modern adults seeking a place to be themselves.

Each space is designed to delight the senses. Select the essence of your choice from the aromatherapy menu and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of your room. It’s a peaceful sanctuary. Let the delights offered by our chefs, based on three avant-garde concepts awaken your senses.

Our bars will seduce you with their atmosphere and music, as well as their international and regional drink specialties. Moments of celebration, passion, leisure or relaxation; your moods will resonate within Live Aqua Cancun’s spaces.

Seek inner peace. Discover it, experience it. Let your senses renew your soul. It’s the Spa Aqua experience: a world of sensations, where fantasy and the sublime welcome you.

Live Aqua Cancún is an inherently sensual experience, a Be Yourself Hotel, where you’ll find relaxation, passion, joy, aromatherapy… there’s something to awaken all of your senses both day and night. You’ll be accompanied by music throughout the day. It’s the music of Live Aqua Cancún, a gift for you from our DJ.

The Live Aqua Cancun experience is endless, relaxed luxury; a place without pretension, where you’ll find everything just as you like it; a place to be yourself. It’s the pleasure of staying and being seen at Live Aqua Cancun

Aqua Spa
Aqua Spa Immerse and renew yourself

Seek inner peace. Find it. Experience it. Let your senses renew your soul. Feel. Transform yourself. Sense the harmony. Free your senses.
Channel your emotions to a memorable inner experience. Enter a world of sensations where the surreal and the sublime welcome you. Discover your essence while your body renews itself. Renewing the body and soul is an experience that only one of the most exclusive spas in Cancun, Aqua Spa, can give you.
Let us share the philosophy of Aqua Spa with you. Let yourself experience aroma-filled rituals and ceremonies that, through our synergy of therapies, shall renew your soul.

Duality of the senses. Fusion reborn in a single experience. Intimacy that couples yearn for. Live Aqua Cancún is the perfect getaway for honeymoons and for hosting an unforgettable event amidst an ocean of sensations: your wedding.

The spaces at Live Aqua Cancún provide the perfect beauty for both the ceremony and the reception. Whether by the pool area on its terrace overlooking the sea, in our Garden of the Senses, or even on the beach, we can transform each space and recreate the setting you’ve been dreaming of.

Our range of banquet halls and restaurants allows couples to choose what best suits the style and size of their wedding. The hotel organizes weddings for all religions, adapting to the needs of each one. Live Aqua will ensure that the newlyweds have an unforgettable stay. They’ll be pampered with sensual spaces, aromas, sounds, and special amenities that are perfect for such a special occasion.

Dream and desire. A room overflowing with rose petals, candles, and sublime
scents will envelop the new couple. A bubble bath, a romantic dinner. A massage session at the exclusive Spa Aqua, ideal for enjoying sensations as a couple. Sublime romance, it’s possible at Live Aqua Cancún.

Start with our vacation planner so we can match you with our most suitable travel advisor. We do it all for you, air, car, accommodations, tours, you name, it in a seamless luxury vacation experience you will treasure for a lifetime.