The Experience

Wold Caribbean Cruise Expedition Highlights

  • Explore the lesser-known island gems of the eastern Caribbean on an itinerary exclusively designed to take travelers far from the standard cruise ship routes.
  • Discover several of the idyllic islands that comprise the little-explored Grenadines, an island chain buried deep within the Caribbean Sea.
  • Seek out a variety of endemic bird species including the St. Vincent parrot and purple-throated carib.
  • Snorkel nearly every day to discover dazzling coral reefs and healthy populations of tropical fish.
  • Learn from local experts and onboard lecturers about the fascinating history of the islands we visit and their struggle for independence from Europe.

Itinerary | Wild Caribbean with the Grenadines

Depart USA / Martinique

December 4

Board your independent flight to Martinique. Upon arrival, transfer to Le Cap Est Lagoon for dinner and overnight.

Martinique / Embark Le Ponant

December 5

Balata Church, Martinique

Martinique is home to a fascinating and dynamic mélange of French traditions and Caribbean Creole culture. Birders depart early for Presquile Caravelle National Park to search for such island endemics as the Martinique oriole and white-breasted thrasher. Or, choose to visit Balata Church, a miniature version of the Basilica Montmartre in Paris, then continue to Domine d’Emeraude, a botanical garden and interpretive center devoted to the island’s natural history. After lunch at a local restaurant, take a short drive through the ruins of St. Pierre, which was destroyed in 1902 during a massive volcanic eruption. The tour ends in Fort-de-France with a visit to the fascinating Pre-Columbian Museum and free time to peruse the shops or take a walk along the scenic Promenade. Board Le Ponant this afternoon.

St. Vincent, Grenadines

December 6


The main island of the Grenadines, volcanic St. Vincent offers beautiful white-sand beaches, lushly forested interiors, and excellent snorkeling and diving. Birders take a walk along the Vermont Nature Trail passing through the southwestern tip of the St. Vincent Parrot Reserve, where we hope to spot this colorful endemic bird. A cultural tour takes in the old-world charm of Kingstown, St. Vincent’s historic capital. Enjoy stunning views of the town and the southern Grenadines from the ramparts of Fort Charlotte, built in 1806, and visit the oldest botanical gardens in the western hemisphere.


December 7

Local from Grenada

St. George, the quaint, bustling capital of Grenada, sits on a supremely scenic horseshoe-shaped bay. Wander through the maze of narrow streets to admire colorful colonial buildings, forts, and churches. Enjoy a hike along densely forested trails to view an idyllic waterfall.

Tobago Cays

December 8

Snorkeling in the Caribbean

These five small, uninhabited islands are part of Tobago Cays Marine Park. With pristine coral reefs, crystal-clear waters, and deserted white-sand beaches, this area is renowned for some of the best snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean with vertical and gently sloping walls, and multiple wrecks.

St. Lucia

December 9

St. Lucia, Caribbean

Be on deck as the ship approaches St. Lucia for stunning views of the Pitons, two volcanic peaks rising more than 2,400 feet from the turquoise sea. Birders seek the St. Lucia parrot, St. Lucia oriole, and St. Lucia pewee. An active hike to the summit of Gros Piton offers splendid views over the island, or choose a tour that visits the Diamond Falls botanical garden, a mineral bath, and a cocoa plantation.


December 10

Caribbean Waterfall

Birders depart early for a hike to Syndicate Falls to search for Dominica’s two endemic and endangered birds—imperial and red-necked parrots. A historic tour explores Fort Shirley, built by the British between 1770 and 1815. Both groups return to the ship for lunch with an afternoon of snorkeling or diving in a marine protected area. Or, choose a full-day cultural tour of Carib Territory, a reserve where approximately 3,000 native Kalinago reside. Learn about their customs, history, and culture, with the chance to view exquisite handicrafts, including baskets, wood carvings, and canoes.

Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe

December 11

Eight small islands makes up Les Saintes, endowed with superb beaches, gorgeous bays, fascinating historical sites, and exceptional snorkeling and diving. Spend the morning enjoying the underwater delights, then go ashore to visit one of the tiny French-flavored villages.


December 12

Purple-Throated Carib

Towering 3,000 feet above sea level, Montserrat’s Soufriere Hills Volcano slumbered uneasily for at least a century before erupting violently in 1995. Covering the capital city of Plymouth with pyroclastic flows, the southern two-thirds of the island are still off limits. Learn more about this devastating event at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory and enjoy grand views of the volcano and surrounding areas. Birders search for the Montserrat oriole, green-throated Carib, brown trembler, forest thrush, and bridled quail-dove.


December 13

Frigatebird, Barbuda

Popular with the yachting set, Barbuda boasts pretty pink beaches and an easygoing attitude. It is also home to a large magnificent frigatebird colony. Other species we are likely to find here include tropical mockingbirds, pelicans, ibis, oystercatchers, herons, a variety of ducks, and the endemic Barbuda warbler. Spend the afternoon snorkeling or diving in the local marine reserve.

Sint Eustatius

December 14

Take a stroll around the sole town and capital, Oranjestad, with its collection of Caribbean-style cottages and elegant colonial buildings in various states of disrepair. Soak up history and sweeping views from the extensively restored Fort Oranje, a mighty citadel complete with cannons, triple bastions, and cobblestone parade grounds. Or, hike to the top of the Quill, a dormant volcano with a lush cloud forest occupying the crater.


December 15

Green Sea Turtle

Saba’s volcanic peak rises majestically from the water like the tip of an emerald iceberg. In Saba Marine Park, protected since 1987, explore volcanic pinnacles encrusted with corals and sponges, which are frequented by nurse sharks, parrotfish, barracuda, sharks, stingrays, and turtles. In the afternoon learn about local handicrafts with displays of hand-blown glass and Saban lace.

St. Barth’s

December 16

Gustavia, St. Barth's

Take a stroll through Gustavia, the relaxed capital, and visit the 17th-century forts, or browse the town’s many duty-free boutiques. View marine life while staying dry during a thrilling ride in the Yellow Submarine. This afternoon, hike along the Colmbier Beach Trail, where there is a good chance to see nesting red-billed tropicbirds. Or, enjoy the myriad underwater wonders of the St. Barth’s Marine Reserve.

St. Martin / Disembark / USA

December 17

Board your independent homeward flight, arriving in the USA the same day. 


The Route

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