Belize District

The Belize District is centrally located between the northern and southern borders of the country with a variety of transportation options to any point both inland and out to the cayes. Fishing, snorkeling, diving and swimming are excellent around nearby St. George’s and Goff’s caye while the rivers and lagoons are great for boating and sightseeing.

The first thing you want to do is forget everything you’ve heard about Belize City. It’s really not what many of the guidebooks make it seem, and for the open-minded traveler who’s looking for a genuinely fascinating city experience, Belize City delivers. The international airport at Ladyville is a short 17 kilometers outside the throbbing little metropolis of Belize City. While most are inclined to move through as quickly as possible those that stay for a day or two will find many interesting places to see and things to do.

This city of 70,000 is the birthplace of modern Belize and a walk through its bustling streets will put you face to face with much of the country’s colonial history. From the old swing bridge to Government House the landmarks tell a story of Belize’s past and its struggle for freedom and independence. The new museum and tourist village are the latest additions to its list of attractions and are well worth a visit. Despite the mad pace of things, Belizeans here are like they are everywhere, laid back and amiable.

The rest of the district’s 1633 square miles sits in stark contrast to the city itself with large areas of mangrove swamp and marshland near the water that shifts to pine savannah and tropical bush toward the interiorBeautiful lagoons, two to the north of the city and two much farther south, deliver a scenic change to the mostly low lying coastal plain. Inland waterways vein much of the district, creating habitats where hundreds of species of wildlife thrive.From Crooked Tree to Bermudian Landing to Gales Point and Cox Lagoon, natural attractions abound and most are easily accessible with a wide selection of accommodations and services.

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