Parque Sabana Grande

The Football Stadium (Estadio Nacional) is in the Parque La Sabana Padre Chapui, in the western section of the capital. In the stadium, which can accommodate tens of thousands of spectators, semi-professional and amateur league soccer games are held from May to October.

A visit to one of the championship games held on Sundays is an unforgettable experience. In Costa Rica around 600 semi-professional players, from 28 registered soccer clubs, fight to assemble points for the championship. Home games in the qualifying round for the 1990 World Championship in Italy, in which Costa Rica did surprisingly well, took place in the Sabana Stadium.

Sabana Park also has facilities for volleyball and basketball, tennis courts, jogging trails and a swimming stadium.

For the official visit of the Spanish King Juan Carlos and his wife in 1992, Josefinos converted a part of the park into the Plaza V Centenario. The name given this part of the park and the statue of Christopher Columbus at its center are meant to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the accidental discovery of America.

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