The Experience

You wake up snug in silky beddings. Skyline views of Wuhan,™s vibrant financial district and lush gardens bid you a fine morning. With such splendid vistas, you know you,™re in one of the most luxurious guestrooms at Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan.

Your day begins with a delectable breakfast at the hotel,™s Lobby Lounge. Sated, you head out to the Hankou district to satisfy your retail longings. The journey rewards you with access to both large-scale luxury shopping malls and quaint local shops. You purchase Wuhan,™s specialty ,“ exquisite oriental jewellery inlaid with turquoise stone.

After a morning of shopping, you begin to crave the perfect pastiche of delicate flavours unique to Chinese cuisine. The hotel entices your return with the signature Shangri-La restaurant, Shang Palace. You are amazed by the restaurant,™s resplendent offerings and carefully savour every bite of wholesome goodness.

The rest of the day is spent walking off an indulgent lunch. Absorbing the sights and sounds en route, you feel the magic of Wenzhou. The beauty of the Yangtze as it meanders through the city finds its way to your heart. The alleys of this city twist and wind to reveal hidden surprises.

Energized by these experiences, dusk fades into a night still too young for you. After an à la carte dinner at Café Wu, you unwind at Q Bar with refreshing cocktails and spirited live music.

With one last look at the dynamic cityscape, you draw the curtains to a close, and retreat behind lush covers to prepare for tomorrow,™s adventures.

Enjoy your enchanting dreams, with compliments from Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan.

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