The Experience

Pristine beaches, deep mountain gorges and vestiges of great civilizations. Like a gift from the gods, Crete is a cyclist’s paradise. Find your rhythm as you pedal seemingly forgotten roads on the outskirts of bustling port towns. Bike to the top of every climb. Or savor tranquil moments at seaside cafés. It’s always up to you. Let yourself be charmed by old-world villages and olive groves. And at every turn, revel in the island’s legendary hospitality as you explore this mythical land from coast to coast.

Picture-perfect seaside Chania

An unforgettable coast-to-coast ride

Savor fresh seafood and other local delicacies

Soak up sunny skies and diverse natural beauty

A fascinating mélange of Greek, Turkish and Venetian cultural influences


Day 1 Stroll the seaside city of Rethymno’s historic center, shaped by Venetian and Ottoman cultures and one of the most charming and best preserved on Crete Enjoy an easygoing ride past olive groves and vineyards as you make your way down to the Aegean through forested hills Dip your toes in the sea or continue on two wheels, climbing to traditional hamlets.

Day 2 An unforgettable coast-to-coast ride between the island’s two impressive mountain ranges Before entering the Kourtaliotiko Gorge, listen for the sound of kourtala (claps) as wind zips through high caves A dip in the Mediterranean might be the perfect finale to your ride Discover the inviting square, spring-fed waterfalls and ancient ruins of Argiroupolis.

Days 3-4 Savor fresh seafood and other local delicacies while overlooking the colorful Venetian port in Chania, whose history dates back to the Neolithic Age Take the high road above the coast for dazzling views of the Kiliaris Valley and Souda Bay Sample organic olive oils at a family-owned farm before biking to the shoreline, sharing the road with flocks of sheep.

Days 5-6 Sunny skies and diverse natural beauty Pedal on rolling terrain through groves of citrus and olive trees en route to the village of Meskla Ready for a challenge? Ascend 2,500 feet for breathtaking views of Chania and the sea below Then enjoy a long wonderful descent to the coast amid a montage of remarkable scenery Ride the rocky Akrotiri Peninsula along the seaside and through a small town whose beach was featured in Zorba the Greek


The Route

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