Denis Island

Denis island has good fishing and diving facilities and is only thirty minutes by air from Mahi.  Denis Island, a 350 acre coral cay is situated on the edge of the Seychelles Bank and lies some 80 kilometres from Mahi or 30 minutes by air.

Denis Island has a strikingly rich vegetation and the fertile soil, which contains large quantities of guano, is a proof that the island was a popular nesting ground for colonies of seabirds years ago. It is still frequented by turtles which lay their eggs in the sands, and has a population of wild tortoises roaming free.

A large variety of indoor and outdoor activities are available, such as tennis, table tennis, snooker, darts as well as boating, mini sailing, snorkeling and diving on the reefs surrounding the island.

Denis Island is an ideal place for game fishermen. Fishing boats based on the island offer daily fishing excursions. The depths around Denis Island have already yielded several world records; dog tooth, bonito and tuna, plus rewarding catches of marlin, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, dorado and job.

Parts of the island are densely wooded with palm trees. There is also a lagoon surrounded by a wealth of coral, making the island an extremely desirable place.

Denis Island boasts a tiny fishing village with about fifteen houses and approximately fifty inhabitants, an Anglo-French lighthouse built in 1910, two prisons which are no longer used, a centre for processing copra, a farm and the only ecumenical chapel on the archipelago.

It was Mr. Pierre Burkhardt, a French cellulose industrialist, who bought the island many years ago and had the small landing strip and also the hotel built.

Denis Island also offers to visitors the privacy, relaxation and peace that can be found only on a private island in the middle of the ocean.

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