The Experience

London and Paris tour is an exciting journey through the annals of time, where different chapters of history come to life around every corner. Picture yourself ruling England from inside Windsor Castle… but don’t wind up a “prisoner” in the Tower of London. Take a bicycle ride through the Royal Parks, and stay stealthy on a spy walk. Ride a double-decker bus… the London Eye in a private capsule… and a speedboat on the Thames! Then cross the English Channel aboard the Eurostar for more historic adventures in Paris. Step into the 17th century at the opulent Palace of Versailles… discover the Louvre’s treasures on a scavenger hunt… see street artists at work in Montmartre… and visit Notre Dame Cathedral, from which Quasimodo gazed out over Paris in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and a “living” witness to over seven centuries of Paris’ history.

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