The Experience

In the southern Andes mountains lies one of the most beautiful places on Earth,¦ Patagonia. Astonishing landscapes of jagged Andean peaks and deep fjords carved by glaciers… panoramic vistas of living ice that changes shape and color by the angle of the sun, amid deep water lakes of emerald and turquoise. No wonder some local legends hold that extraterrestrials once lived here. A journey to the end of the earth, where sea lions, condors and penguins share the landscape with pink flamingos… gauchos drive herds across the pampas… and the essence of life is in the passion of a tango. Join us for a remarkable 11-day Patagonia travel adventure through stunning fjords, glaciers, turquoise lakes, jagged, dramatic mountains valleys populated by exotic wildlife ,“ with an opportunity to experience a slice of daily life in the Patagonian outback. Experience the exotic flora and amazing wildlife of Torres del Paines National Park; Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the wonders of the world; cruises on the Ultima Esperanza Fjord and the Lago Argentina; a private visit to one of the world,™s most famous silversmiths; a private lunch at a ranch where gauchos demonstrate their skills; a private wine pairing dinner in Puerto Natales; excursions led by local guides and naturalists, and so much more… on a Patagonia travel experience that’s second to none.

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