La Paz

Located in western Bolivia, the city of La Paz is administrative capitol of the nation, and one of the most fascinating places in South America. With an abundance of interesting museums, historical buildings and monuments, and a range of nearby natural wonders, there are truly countless attractions in this popular Bolivian city.

La Paz is rich in culture and history. Several old, historical buildings with astonishing architecture still stand within the city. The most impressive of these buildings is Iglesia de San Francisco, which was originally constructed in 1548, and rebuilt in 1784. This spectacular church displays some of the finest and most beautiful architecture that you will ever see.

Another important, historical place in La Paz is Plaza Murrillo, the city,™s main square. This plaza is home to a huge monument of Pedro Domingo Murrillo, a famous Bolivian freedom fighter, and is a popular place for locals and tourists to spend time. You will also find an impressive number of museums in La Paz, such as Museo de EtnografÃ-a y Folklore, Museo del Charango, and Museo San Francisco.

The region around La Paz is home to many remarkable tourist destinations, the most famous of which is Tiwanaku. This ancient ruin site was once a major city of the Inca Empire, and was home to 15,000-30,000 people.

To this day, much of it has yet to be explored, but touring these ruins is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Another worthwhile destination is the Valle de la Luna, or Valley of the Moon. Over the years, the mountains of this region have been eroded into bizarre, moon-like shapes, hence the name.

La Paz is a large city that attracts a lot of tourists, so there are a wide variety of hotels in which to stay. From five-star selections, to more affordable options, you will definitely stay in comfort. You will also find that La Paz is home to a great collection of gourmet restaurants, which includes top-notch dining venues, and budget-friendly local diners.

Shopping enthusiasts will absolutely love La Paz, especially the Mercado de las Brujas. This authentic Bolivian market is famous for its selection of not only hand-made goods, but also herbs, medicines, and other traditional materials.

The Bolivian administrative capitol of La Paz is a place unlike any other. You will find an array of fascinating attractions, a collection of vibrant culture, and a selection of high-quality hotels and restaurants. Indulge yourself in true happiness with a vacation to La Paz.

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