The small, sandy town of Jericoacoara is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in Brazil, and with its absolutely stunning beaches, it’s not hard to tell why. Jericoacoara, known simply as Jeri,, is also famous for its near perfect climate, which is year-round sun, and rarely any rain. You will enjoy relaxing on the warm beaches, and you will also love swimming in the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean. There are a wide variety of water sports in Jeri as well. Try your hand at kite or wind surfing, or perhaps snorkeling.

Though the beaches of Jeri are breathtaking, they are not all that this ocean-side town has to offer. The village itself has a quite charming feel, with sandy roads lined with small shops and authentic restaurants.

Throughout the environment surrounding town, there are a number of beautiful lagoons waiting to be found. You don’t want to miss one of Jericoacoara’s famous sunsets, which you can get a perfect view of from atop one of the sand dunes beside town. In the quaint beach-town of Jericoacoara, life is good.

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