The sunny city of Niteroi sits across Rio de Janeiro on Guanabara Bay, and is home to some of the finest beaches in Brazil. With endless fun and exciting opportunities, you are sure to enjoy to yourself, which is why Niteroi is nicknamed The Smile City.,

You will be in paradise upon the white sand beaches of Niteroi. One beach in particular, called Itacoatiara, is famous for its perfect surfing conditions. Surfing is a hugely popular activity in this area of Brazil, and Itacoatiara is a surfer,™s paradise. On most of the beaches in Niteroi, you will find an array of local beachside restaurants, vendors, and cabanas. You will also have to visit Itaipu Beach, which is home to stunning scenery, and nestled in a calm, serene setting.

Besides pristine beaches, Niteroi is home to countless fun and interesting attractions. Parque da Cidade is a fantastic place to spend time since it offers an unforgettable view over the city of Rio de Janeiro, and there is no better place to experience a sunset. One of the most fascinating places in the city is a giant, ruined fortress jutting into Guanabara Bay, called Fortaleza de Sanata Cruz. The Museum of Contemporary Art displays amazing pieces, but its most impressive feature is its architecture: sleek, modern, and perched on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Niteroi is full of overnight options, including several luxurious, beachside hotels. You will also have no trouble finding a good place to eat, since the city is full of restaurants and vendors, all serving delicious cuisine. Many great, traditional restaurants can be found in the Icaraí neighborhood, where you will also find a collection of local shops and boutiques.

It,™s no surprise that Niteroi has become such a popular destination among tourists. Where else could you go to experience such beautiful beaches and exciting attractions? A trip to Niteroi will be truly unforgettable.

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