Parque da Independencia

Parque da Independencia is the loctaion where Brazil was declared as an independent country in 1822, so it is home to a vast amount of culture and history. Today, this massive park attracts tourists from far and wide.

There are several things to see and do in Parque da Independencia, and one of the most popular attractions is Museu Paulista. This museum is perhaps the best and most significant in all of Brazil, with over 125,000 artifacts related to the history of Brazil. The pieces in Museu Paulista include documents, sculptures, paintings, and jewelry. The building itself is an amazing sight to behold, featuring magnificent architecture.

One of the other incredible landmarks in Parque da Independencia is the Monumento de Ipiranga. This colossal monument was constructed over a hundred years ago on the spot where Emperor Pedro I declared independence.

The park is home to an incredible array of flora as well. Located in front of Museu Paulista, the French Gardens contain beautiful varieties of roses, azaleas, topárias, boxwoods, and cypresses. Many species of tree, such as cedar, ironwood, and fig, can be found in the thick forest surrounding the park.

Where else could you go to experience such vast history, beautiful scenery, and rich culture? You will absolutely love spending time in Parque da Independencia.

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