Iquique is a city in the north of Chile, opposite the Atacama Desert on the Pacific Coast. Its a port city, with mining as an important industry. Fishing, boating and beaches are popular here. There was a bad earthquake here in 1868 and in 1877.

Iquique is one of the best tourist cities in Chile. The beaches are bright and beautiful, there are countless things to do and see, and there are lots of great accommodations.

Spending time on the beach is something that everyone in Iquique will do. The biggest and most famous beach is called Playa Cavancha,, and it is a great place to relax under the sun. Besides sunbathing, another popular activity in Iquique is surfing.

With its collection of interesting and historical sites and attractions, you won,™t ever be bored in Iquique. One of the most popular attractions is Baquedano Street, which is a historic, cobbled street full of nineteenth century buildings, featuring fascinating architecture.

The most famous of these historic buildings is known as Edificio de la Aduana. This eye-catching building, which is also a museum, contains great historical significance. You will find several intriguing museums in Iquique, such as the Regional Museum and the Military Museum.

Being one of the major tourist destinations in Chile, there are a variety of hotels and resorts in Iquique that will suit your preferences and budget. Some of the best hotels include the Radisson Hotel Iquique, Spark Suites Iquique, and Hotel Terrado Club. There are also several fantastic restaurants in Iquique, with every type of food, from traditional Chilean cuisine to pizza.

You will love your trip to Iquique. Spend a few hours on the beach, stroll the historic streets, dine at a top-notch restaurant, then kick back in your luxurious hotel. The number of fun and memorable opportunities in Iquique is hard to beat.

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