Lafayette – the heart of Cajun Country and the cultural center of Louisiana’s heritage. Exhiled Arcadians migrated to Layfayette in 1763 from Canada and first settled in the Vermillion Valley.

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In Lafayette you’ll discover the rich history of our French, Spanish and Caribbean ancestors. Learn how these diverse cultures came together, creating art and architecture, music and dance, food and celebrations and a “Joie de Vivre” that has influenced not only the lives of everyone in our state, but has made an impact on the entire world.

If you’re planning a trip our Lafayette, there is something for everyone, so prepare to be enlightened, educated and most of all entertained on nearly every weekend.

Lafayette has long been known for its great food, music and festivals. Lafayette is also a place with a multitude of historic attractions, majestic plantation homes, vibrant gardens, leisurely swamp tours, and exciting museums. The museums of Lafayette shed light on early life in South Louisiana, present world-class art exhibitions, examine many facets of the universe and provide fun, hands-on activities for children and adults alike.

In Lafayette, the folks are friendly, the festivals are lively, and the cuisine is world-famous. We offer real Cajun and Creole cooking, just an oyster throw from the bayou. Our restaurants are famous for traditional, down-home cooking, as well as more upscale versions of time-honored favorites.

One of the great things about Lafayette is its wide variety of culinary options, but when hunger pains strike, it can sometimes be hard to decide where to grab a bite.

More than a business center, Downtown Lafayette is the living center of our unique cultural fabric. Long the historic heart of our community, downtown has redefined itself as the civic, cultural and economic heart as well. Key public facilities and visionary urban design are incorporated in a vibrant palette of public art, festivals and events celebrating the Acadiana of yesterday, today and tomorrow, all within easy walking distance in our pedestrian-friendly urban center.

The history of Lafayette is tied to the Acadians, French descendants from Nova Scotia who migrated to Louisiana in the 1760s after being driven from their New World home by the British. That French heritage has created a unique culture for you to enjoy here in the heart of Lafayette . This site will help you explore its many facets during your visit.

Explore our art, culture, history, festivals, music and food, all conveniently located right here in downtown. We hope you enjoy your visit to the heart and soul of Lafayette.

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