Some may think the west begins in Fort Worth, but Abilene is where it’s in full gallop. The spirit of the Texas Frontier lives and breathes in Abilene, which in the span of a century transformed itself from tent city to cultural center, cow-town to college town, all without losing the flavors of the past.

parades its heritage in a collection of venues designed to both educate and entertain. Home to 120,000 friendly people, three private universities, six public universities and community colleges and Dyess Air Force Base.

Abilene preserves the traditional heritage of the old West while providing all the advantages of a contemporary city. Abilene, a Top Ten Texas Destination, is located near the center of Texas just 150 miles west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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Frontier Texas

Experience the big picture of the Texas frontier between 1780 to 1880 as the story comes to life in this multimedia facility. Visitors can meet ,at least figuratively, some of the real people who lived and died on the Texas frontier. Youâ„¢ll feel the terror of a wolf attack, the chaos of a buffalo stampede and the tension of a deadly card game shootout. Buffalo hunters, Comanche warriors, explorers and pioneers await you in the theatre called the Century of Adventure. Make plans to bring the entire family!

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